DIY Bean Bag Tripod

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While not exactly a tripod per se, it stabilizes your camera and makes sure your shot is nice and steady! Say hello to your DIY bean bag!

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Let’s be honest and say it out front. Tripods are bulky, a hassle to bring, and generally uncool. However, it plays an important part in making your shots count. How many times have you been in a situation that you knew that you would get an amazing shot only if you had the added stability a tripod offers? Countless times I assume.

With our analogue cameras, we can go to the middle ground and opt for something less obtrusive and much cheaper – a DIY bean bag! With this bean bag, you can get away with long exposures that you normally wouldn’t have any business of even trying to take.


  • 2 pieces of fabric
  • Thread
  • Beans or beads
  • Needle
  • Scissors


Photo from Instructables

1. First off, decide how big you want the bag to be. Once you’ve decided, cut 2 same sized sheets.
2. Sew them up, leaving a couple of inches unsewed.

Photo from Instructables

3. Turn the bag inside out and fill it with the beans/beads.
4. Sew it up and you now have your DIY bean bag tripod!

Photo from Instructables

Information for this article was sourced from Instructables

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  1. shuaibin
    shuaibin ·

    and you can use it as a pillow.

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