Flash Cable for Fritz the Blitz to PC Connector Review


Handy little accesoary that allows the Fritz the Blitz flash to be used with all the Lomography Baby 110 cameras.

When I received my Flash Cable for the Fritz the Blitz to PC Connector, I was really impressed with the beautiful packaging it came in. It came in a lovely little cardboard box that opens like a matchstick box and is super cute.

The cable allows you to use the Fritz the Blitz Flash with any 110 camera. I have used it with my Baby Fisheye but it can also be used with the baby Diana.

You simply attach one end of the cable into the top of the Baby Fisheye and the other into the bottom of the flash.

There is a decent amount of cable so the flash can be held at arms distance from the camera if you want, for say if you wanted to have flash from an angle.

What I really love about this accessory is it allows me to be able to use my baby camera on nights out. the 110 cameras are sized to fit in a purse when going out and even though the Fritz the Blitz is a big flash (bigger the the Baby Fisheye camera), the fact that the camera and flash are in separate parts make it easy to fit in a handbag.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with this item and especially so when I consider how reasonably priced it is.

written by aoifeodwyer on 2013-09-09 #gear #review #baby #110 #flash #pc #connector #fritz-the-blitz #camera-accesoary

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