Classic Surfing Snaps to Get You Stoked

2013-09-03 1

Whether you’ve had your fill of surfing this summer or yet to ride the waves, we’re sure these classic photos of surfers from Hawaii all the way to Peru will make you want to head to a surf spot near you!

There’s something about surfers and the surfing culture that’s so magnetic — how they embody everything bold, adventurous, and carefree. Surfing remains one of those things that never seem to go out of style, and will remain a popular sport and beach activity as long as there are intrepid sun-worshippers who find joy in riding the waves.

The International Surfing Day may have already passed, but wave riders will certainly get stoked just by looking at the photos below shared by LIFE Magazine for the occasion:

Photos via LIFE

Hitting the waves once surf season starts in your side of the world? Remember to share your amazing snaps with us!

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