The Kinderdijk Windmills


Get your family into the car and drive towards the North until the land ends right before the wide, cold sea. Stopping to see the historic windmills in Kinderdijk is a must. It has all the Holland icons: wooden clogs, tulips and windmills.

On our travel to Northern Europe, we planned to stop near Kinderdijk, the historic site of the legendary Dutch windmills but, as soon as we got there, the weather decided not to be nice with us and we had to stop in a restaurant nearby. Luckily, the rain soon stopped so here we went again to the windmills.

The long path along the canals took us back to a different age. The windmills, majestic and silent, are the guardians of this amazing landscape.

Every third Saturday of the month, all the nineteen windmills start working together — unfortunately, we got there in the wrong Saturday.

As you might have noticed, I picked a black and white film because I wanted to keep the atmosphere from the past, and now, seeing the results, I think I made a good choice.

The black and white pictures are capable enough to communicate exactly what I felt when I was there. I saved this film (B&W Rollei 400) for this particular location.

I’ve been finally able to see the water lilies with their white flowers. How wonderful!

All the pictures have been taken with my old friend La Sardina DIY.

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translated by martadublin

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