My 2013 Analogue Resolutions: The Interim Results

2013-09-11 2

2/3 of the year is over, and therefore I think it’s time to take photographic interim results.

My list was and is still long.

But what of my listed New Year resolutions concerning analog photography and Lomography have I already done, or even tried? What was good, what was only worth the effort? And what, damn it, should I finally begin? Too much, I discovered frightening…

Done, yeah!

  • To travel with only one analog camera to get focused instead of carrying along several cameras
    → I traveled with Diana Mini to Prague, in Stockholm I used the Sprocket Rocket and, ahm yes, my analog Canon
Praha, my love
Stockholm, jag älskar dig.
  • To take some “photography only” time during the weekends.
    → That was easy!
  • To try film swaps.
    → Unfortunately I was less successful with the results, but the next swap with edenhovenga will start soon.
  • To sort the negatives.
    → Yeah!
  • DIY redscale.
    → Somehow,… easier than I thought.
Credits: roxyvonschlotterstein
  • To get to know my new camera (Zenit 412LS) and make it friends with some special film rolls.
    → Hooked.
  • To get deductions off my photographs, not only scans.
  • To picture more of (pulsating) Berlin city life.
    → Now I would like to do more black/white streetphotography..
  • To get up earlier and take a long(er) walk to work to capture photographs in morning light.
    → Works well.
  • Repeatedly looking for other paths to go and shoot what I see.
  • To have a permanent place in my bag for a camera, just to have my camera handy.
    → I even sewn a larger camera bag myself!
  • To find an old but functioning Polaroid at the flea market.
    → I decided to go for a Fuji Instax Wide instead.
Credits: roxyvonschlotterstein

Not yet done (partially)

  • To shoot more b/w.
    → Works well!.
Credits: roxyvonschlotterstein
  • To shoot more medium format.
    → Now I have a balance between 35mm and 120 format.
  • To force friends to be the model.
    → Not yet done.
  • To practice portrait photography.
    → Not yet done.
  • To try most out of the book “52 Photographic Projects” by Kevin Meredith.
    → I’m doing well!
  • To manage how to capture the mood of rain.
    → I already tried and the results are okay, but autumn will come soon.
Credits: roxyvonschlotterstein
  • To copy marvelous shots I like.
  • To try double exposures.
    → Skill comes with practice.
Credits: roxyvonschlotterstein
  • To finally internalize and apply the topic “exposure”.
    → “Finally” is the key word.
  • More close-ups.
  • To learn more about the Masters of Photography (exhibits!)
    → The best book yet was Ansel Adams: Making of Forty Photographs.
  • To perfect the shot from the hip.
    → It depends very much on the camera, I discovered.
  • To use silhouette as the motif.
    → It has potential, but maybe I should expand it to “reflections”.
Credits: roxyvonschlotterstein
  • To combine as much as possible: (color)flashes, films, lenses.
    → Due to all these options I was quickly overstrained.
  • To shoot more from the frog perspective.
    → That needs to get better.
Credits: roxyvonschlotterstein
  • To find a basic theme for a small photo series.
    → Finally I get an idea, implementation will follow.
  • To picture the analog lifestyle around me: vinyl, libraries,…
Credits: roxyvonschlotterstein
  • To give my friend’s daughter a camera and be curious.
  • To produce personal gifts from photos, e.g. a photo memory of vacation pictures.
  • To zoom a great photo and then cut it out as a puzzle.

And rather unrealistic to implement it somehow

  • To be near the stage at concerts for stunning photos.
  • To try an Aerochrome film.
  • If Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100 (35mm) comes back to the Lomography shop, purchase some.
  • To convince friends to shot analog.
    → It’s a tilting at windmills and convenience.
  • To use the Diana Mini to take undisguised shots of my friends, inconspicuously.
    → I found out that it is “less striking” with the LC-A+.
  • To shoot feasible scenes from favorite movies.
    → Well, at least they must be feasible…
Credits: roxyvonschlotterstein

Right down the line I think I’m quite good in the running. But I can always do it better. What about you and your Analogue Resolutions?

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  1. wesco
    wesco ·

    High ambitions and a lot of them done already. Keep up the good work for the rest!

  2. roxyvonschlotterstein
    roxyvonschlotterstein ·

    @wesco thank you. yeah, I'll try my best.

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