Solange Knowles: Beyonce’s Little Sister Does Analogue

Who would have thought that Beyonce’s little sister, in between whipping up Motown-inspired tunes and taking care of her son, Julez, could press the shutter at the most opportune moment to produce rather impressive images?

Solange via _My Damn Blog_

And no, the younger Knowles doesn’t take quick snapshots with the latest smartphobne model; she shoots on film, and does quite a good job taking analogue photographs.

Solange showcases her film photography prowess through _My Damn Blog,_ her Tumblr account.

Below are some of hand-picked shots from Solange’s selection.

All photos by Solange Knowles via _My Damn Blog_

This woman is overflowing with creativity and talent. For a vast display of the creativity and talent I’m talking about, see more of Solange’s photos on _My Damn Blog._

I have to admit that I am damn impressed by Solange’s photos on her damn blog. What about you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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