New Magazine Series: My First Lomo Affair

2013-09-02 1

We welcome the month of September by reminiscing an affair we can never forget. An affair we have kept for years, an affair that holds a place very dear to our heart.

A Lomographic affair, that is. Our first time with a Lomography camera that have brought us delight and a growing curiousity for all things related to film photography. This is what we will remember in this newest Magazine series of ours!

Looking back, my first Lomo Affair was with a Fisheye No. 2. It was around two years ago during the month of November. Famous for its ultra wide-angle lens that lets you experience a hemispherical view, I found the Fisheye a fun yet elegant beauty out of the Lomography family!

My first Fisheye shot using Lomography slide film. Awesome combination!

At first it was intimidating but it built a lot of excitement inside my analogue mind! Let’s say that the Fisheye fulfilled my Lomographic curiosities; Will I get good results? Will my Fisheye Lomographs be really “Fisheye-like”? What if the flash and MX button won’t work? It was an ocean of questions washed away by this black and white stunner!

Trying it out by shooting some night portraits.

After having my first roll developed, I must confess that the Fisheye didn’t bring me down. The flash worked fine, the Fisheye effect looks awesome, and I sure had a great time using it! It was a great Lomo Affair, indeed! And thanks to this camera, my affair for Lomography continued to develop.

Testing out the MX button and a few silly shots of family and friends!

How about you? How was your first Lomo Affair? We would love to know how it all started! Drop me a line at and tell us all about it! And don’t miss this space for there are more Lomo Affairs to come! Ciao! :)

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