Sprocket Rocket – No More Than the Best Camera I’ve Ever Owned

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I didn’t like sprocket holes in photos, I thought they just ruined the picture. I wasn’t even sure about panorama photos. Are they really that stunning? Despite those thoughts I decided order the Sprcoket Rocket last spring and it was the best decision I’ve done in Lomo world.

This photo is taken from Lomography shop. They did a better job presenting this camera than I.

I’ll start with the looks. Could it look any better? Absolutely not! Insanely wide and its plastic body appeal to my eye very much. I love the SUPERPOP! color versions and I got myself the Azure one. The black one seems little bit dull, but I’m sure it has its own supporters.

Sprocket Rocket is very light. I thought it would be heavier, but use of plastic ensures that the camera feels feather light. Although it’s quite wide, it’s perfect travel companion. It basically doesn’t add any weight to your bag, not even if you were carrying two of those. It feels pretty sturdy, but I’m pretty sure that the mechanism that holds the back cover will fail me at some point.

Credits: jutei

When it comes to features, Sprocket Rocket is a very basic Lomography product. You get sunny (f16) and cloudy (f11) apertures and two shutter speeds (1/100s and bulb). For focus you got two settings 0.6-1 m and 1m – infinity. You also get a tripod thread and a flash shoe, both in standard sizes. Using this camera is easy and fun, the only thing missing is a cable release socket. I don’t know why they included a tripod socket and bulb mode, but no cable release socket? That’s odd and takes some value out of the camera. The other little annoying thing is the loose shutter speed switch. When I take the camera out of my bag, the shutter switch is always on bulb, so you should always check your shutter setting before shooting.

Credits: jutei

I’m not a big fan of double exposures, but shooting those is perfect with this camera. You can freely wind your film back and forth. There are two winding knobs and with the help of a little white dot, you can easily go back for example to your first shot and make it double. Then you can just wind your film back where you were. This is really cool feature, although I don’t use it that much.

Credits: jutei

As I said, I thought I didn’t want sprocket holes or panoramas to my photo albums, but I was so wrong. After scanning my first Sprocket Rocket film I was stunned! I loved both the panorama format and the sprocket holes. The camera shoots two frame wide pictures on 35mm film and the format is perfect. Results are very sharp for a plastic camera and the colors seem to pop out nicely with this super wide plastic lens.

Credits: jutei

I have mainly shot ISO400 color negative and it works perfectly with this camera. It’s a little light hungry shooter, but I got great results with Velvia 100F also. I think you can use ISO100 on sunny days, but on cloudy days ISO400 would be safer choice.

Credits: jutei

As the title says; this is the best camera I’ve ever owned. It’s good looking, fun to use, gives excellent results and it is light. Couple of minor flaws, but the results makes you forget them. If you don’t have one, go and get it!

Credits: jutei

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I bought this for my wife, but I secretly love it more than her. I did not know such a simple camera would be so darn fun.

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