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2013-09-04 1

Color negative professional film with a high ISO speed and fine grain. Great for weddings, portraits and fashion photography, where an accurate render of the subject is necessary. Keep on reading to know more about this film.

Fuji PRO 400H is a professional film by Fujifilm. With a speed of 400 ISO, it is perfect with every kind of camera, going from simple toy cameras to manual ones. Thanks to its wide exposure latitude you won’t get any under or over-exposed picture. The skin tones are superb and the colors are really faithful. The development is to be done in C-41.


  • High Speed: 400 ISO
  • Wide Exposure latitude
  • Magnificent skin tones
  • Excellent three-dimensional appearance
  • Faithful colors
  • Available in two sizes: 135mm and 120mm


Here you can find my first test roll with the Film Fuji PRO 400H

Credits: simonesavo

Colors look really natural and well exposed. Being 400 ISO, pictures are grainless.

Credits: simonesavo

In sunny conditions, the render is great

Credits: simonesavo

Even with low light, Fuji PRO 400H is doing well. Colors look anyway natural and well exposed.

Thanks to its 400 ISO, Fuji is a great film for night shooting – you can shoot with shorter shutter speeds than a normal 100ISO and you can get less grain!

Credits: simonesavo

If you are looking for realism, color fidelity (even in low light conditions ), and a fine grain.. this is your film!

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translated by robertoragno

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  1. kibs
    kibs ·

    Good review! I agree, this film is great!

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