Locations Log Book: Summer Hot Spots (Part Three)


To mark the last day of summer, today’s Locations Log Book installment features the last wave of Summer Hot Spots submissions from the community! Read on and find out more about the summer adventures our fellow Lomographers have had under the cut!

Summer Hot Spots: 798 Art District, Beijing, China by scrabbyknees

“798 Art District or, simply ‘798’, is located in the Chaoyang District of Beijing, a short 20-minute drive from the airport. It houses a thriving artistic community — most famously, the 50-year-old now-defunct military factory buildings of particular architectural style. Majority of the galleries are free to enter-making it an excellent place to browse contemporary art and support local talent.”

Credits: saidseni

Summer Hot Spots: Fonte da Telha by saidseni

“Fonte da Telha beach is part of the Portuguese coast, situated on the south side of the River Tejo. It’s one of those places that drive most beach lovers insane and make this country such a great place to live in.”

Credits: cc-in-paris

Summer Hot Spots: South by SouthWest -- Exploring the Hot Marvels of the Portuguese Vicentine Coast by cc-in-paris

“My favorite Summer Hot Spot in Portugal is the southwest coast of Alentejo and Algarve. With gorgeous beaches and being part of a protected natural reserve, this is the paradise for laid-back vacationers, chilled surfers and trigger-happy photographers alike!”

Read more submitted posts for Summer Hot Spots here.

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