Lomography Guide to Prague: Catch the Tram!

2013-09-02 2

No matter what, trams belong to the image of Prague. They are mostly red, overcrowded and they make clinging sounds. There are also people in Prague who do not like to travel by trams, but I do not agree with them. When you are in Prague, you have to catch your tram at least once!

Credits: erikagrendel

Prague trams are picturesque either from the exterior or the interior. You may try to take a photo of a tram while moving, during the day or during the night, while comfortable sitting inside or standing next to the mum with a crying baby. Prague trams are picturesque and interesting. There is no doubt about it.

Credits: mallorynox, nadezda, konbiw, switch-twitch, djw & thebettflower

But if you want to have a special Prague-tram-experience, you have to try travelling by a vintage tram. This so called Nostalgic line No. 91 operates from March to November, and its route starts at Vozovna Stresovice, then goes through Prague’s castle and the tram stop in front of the National Theatre, then continues its way towards Vystaviste Holesovice. It costs no more then 35 Czech crowns and you can easily connect it with sightseeing, as it goes around most of the tourists’attractions.

Credits: sarca & not-a-cookie

For all stops and timetable, you can visit this page.

Lomo on!

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  1. erikagrendel
    erikagrendel ·

    thank you for your lovely photos of Prague's trams ;) @mallorynox, @nadezda, @konbiw, @switch-twitch, @djw, @thebettflower, @sarca and @not-a-cookie

  2. roxyvonschlotterstein
    roxyvonschlotterstein ·

    I agree with you, I can absolutely recommend a tram ride through Prague.
    Always a pleasure to shoot a moving tram: www.lomography.hk/homes/roxyvonschlotterstein/albums/194761….

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