Fun in a Sunny Shadow: Red Bull's Notting Hill Carnival Party


The legendary carnival just took over Notting Hill in London, once again, with thousands of revelers descending on the streets for fun under the sun. With beer in hand, jerk chicken in the belly and colourful enthusiasm in mind. As the street party kicked off on Monday, hidden minutes away under the bridge was a celebration like no other. Red Bull’s hotly sought after Notting Hill Carnival party. We were invited along by them to see the fun in this sunny shadow of theirs…

Arriving at the out of view, under-the-bridge location for this legendary party was like stepping into a Caribbean rum shack (but without the 9-hour flight). With colourful crates, happy-go-lucky mottos and music filling the air, the sun was even out to suit the occasion. Totally fuelled to feel this vibe, Red Bull’s carnival party kicked off as soon as midday hit and the colourfully clad partygoers arrived. There was fun in the sun and plenty more under the shadow of the bridge. Shooting on our Pentax P30 and newly found Konica POP (acquired from @filmsnotdead), this is what we saw…

In the bright light it was laid back living, cocktail drinking and summer loving. Open to the fresh air and breeze, with vibrant colours and vibrant people inspiring our film.

But a step away from the sun was where the party was at full blast. Under the bridge and in the shadows was a stage set to welcome the Marley Brothers, Rodigan, Disclosure amongst other acts. Blasting out the music at possibly world record levels, enough to make our camera shutter shudder.

Now that was our sort of colour packed day! Thanks to Red Bull for providing it all, in the shadow and the sun. Our cameras will never forget.

written by neonstash on 2013-09-03 #lifestyle #carnival #red-bull #lomography #analogue-lifestyle #notting-hill-carnival

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