Summer Hot Spots: Ons Island


“The island wants you back…” No, this isn’t a new Lostseason, just the feeling that remains after loving and leaving the island. I don’t mind if the island actually wants me back, I’ll go back anyway because I want it.

Credits: rudemuinho

In the heart of Rias Baixas where you can be burn up under the summer sun, there is small paradise where I get back to year after year: Ons Island. Located on the Ría de Pontevedra, with the Cies, Cortegada and Sálvora Islands, they all form the Atlantic Islands National Park.

Credits: rudemuinho

Ons Island has always remained in the shadows of Cies Islands - which more promoted internationally, having appeared in various media as the best beach in the world — but I will say that the beaches are awesome in Ons. You can lose yourself in its hiking trails, and soak in all its sun, sand and sea; but as it is an island populated, you can meet the villagers and enjoy the unique atmosphere, too.

Credits: rudemuinho

Come here if you want to enjoy postcard scenery. You can sleep in a tent, go camping or rent some of the small houses, where you wouldn’t be able to stop shooting film as you enjoy the sunsets in the infinite horizon of the Atlantic, or eat the famous “Polbo á feira” (local octopus recipe) captured from the island itself.

If you like partying, better go in July and August, when it is overflowing with visitors, both local and foreign. If you want to enjoy the feeling of being the first to walk on the beach sand, or even walk for hours, near cliffs, just listening to the echo of your footsteps, it is better to wait until September, when the occupation of the island is much smaller.

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