The Wanderlust Wonderlist: Top Window Seat-Worthy Sights

2013-08-28 1

We all know that for a full-blooded lomographer, no flight is complete without a shot or two from the plane’s window! Find out some of the nicest window seat sights you could ever capture here on today’s wonderlist!

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What’s so special about taking photos up from the airplane window, you say? Why, for the vantage point, of course! Unless you have a ridiculously large amount of disposable income as well as a terminal case of wanderlust, seeing the world from thousands of feet above the ground is not an everyday occurrence.

So for this edition of Wanderlust Wonderlist, we’ve gathered a small list of sights worth capturing from up in the air!

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The Alps

These majestic mountain ranges in Europe are a sight to behold especially in the colder months, when they are at their most stark white.

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The Grand Canyon

It may be a stark contrast to the European Alps, but the Grand Canyon of the United States is nonetheless a breathtaking landscape in itself.

Credits: shoujoai

The Arctic Circle

Or at least, the nearby Scandinavian countries. Who knows, if you keep your eyes peeled and your camera fast enough, you might be able to capture the northern lights on film!

Got your own personal favorite window seat sight? Feel free to add yours below!

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