Loco Lomochrome!

2013-09-03 4

My incredible experience with the new Lomochrome film!

Earlier in the year we saw the announcement of Lomochrome (Am I the only one that says that in a Russian accent?) and most of us were all pretty freakin’ excited! Not thinking I would be able to afford it, my friend and I split a 35mm 5 pack between us. Then August came around and my friend sent a message ’’Guess what just arrived?!", to be perfectly honest we both completely forgot about it! Suddenly, my initial excitement came flooding back to me! I raced over, paid up the money I still owed, and shoved my first roll straight into my LC-Wide! I took it to shoot nature where I could see a lot of different colours to experiment with (Unfortunately Australia is mostly just crappy brown gum trees). I finally got the roll developed and printed just today, and my mind imploded in on itself and created a black hole sucking all the colour right through my eyeballs! All these purples, pinks and blues! It looks like what someone would see on way too many psychedelic drugs! I was blown away completely by the results!

Dear Lomography staff, I have NO clue how you made this film, but whatever you do, please make more!

written by lomoseb32 on 2013-09-03 #gear #review #lomochrome

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  1. ryanhelfant
    ryanhelfant ·

    what iso did you shoot these at?

  2. lomoseb32
    lomoseb32 ·

    Between 100-400 depending on the conditions. Mostly 100 though.

  3. merry
    merry ·

    looks great!!

  4. skatesauce
    skatesauce ·

    The 15th is deepfully purple waa

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