Zoing Image (Brighton, United Kingdom)


Tucked away in the lanes of Brighton is one of the best analogue photography shops in the world. The man hiding behind Zoing Image is better known as Serge Rolland. Along with getting some fish and chips and buying a stick of rock with your name on this is a necessary stop off for any lomographer visiting the seaside.

We asked Serge a couple of questions, here’s what he had to say.

Which one is your favourite Lomography camera and why?

The Lomo LC-A by far, simply the best of all. I always have 2 on the go, 1 with a slide film to be cross-processed and 1 with a color negative. Really sharp focus when I get it right with the help of a ruler, plus great colors of the resulting photos.

What’s the weirdest Lomographic moment you’ve ever had?

That’s a tough one.. I really can’t think of a weirdest moment, sorry..

What is the nerdiest question you’ve ever been asked in your shop?

“Where is the screen at the back of the camera?”

Where is the best place to shoot some Lomographic masterpieces in your city?

I think on the beach (lots of light, lots of sky, lots of sea + nothing beats the Brits on holidays by the sea!)

Zoing Image
1 Sydney St
Brighton, Brighton and Hove BN1 4EN
Telephone: 01273 686568
Email : info@zoingimage.com

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