Sweet, Sweet Switzerland: The 007 Goldeneye Bungee Jumping Spot

2013-08-29 2

Dear sweet Switzerland, you’re always full of surprises! This time, I will tell you about the first jump that I made ​​from the dam in the Val Verzasca, where the tallest bungee jumping point in Europe is located! It is also the most famous in the world — in fact, it was where a scene in the movie 007 Goldeneye was filmed! Read more!

My adventure in this wonderful valley began on a beautiful morning in late August, when I loaded my bike with two bags, because I decided to make a three-day vacation in the foothills of Canton Tessin, the southern region of Switzerland.

I took the train to Como, reaching the regional capital of Tessin (the beautiful city of Bellinzona which is rich of beautiful castles) and then I cycled in the direction of Locarno for about twenty kilometers.

Just before reaching Locarno, there is a climb that leads to Lavertezzo, a beautiful place to sunbathe and to swim between beautiful white rocks. I was directed here, with my swimsuit and my towel in the bags!

Credits: sirio174

Halfway through, when the slope of the climb becomes lighter, you can see a very high dam (more than 200 meters). I already knew that here, you can practice bungee jumping, but I really was surprised when I heard the screams of a girl as she jumped, at more than 200 meters from the dam!

Credits: sirio174

When I arrived on the dam, I took some pictures of the panorama below with my refurbished Lomo LC-A, and walked to the location of the jump!

Credits: sirio174

This is the most popular bungee jumping location in the world, and the highest in Europe. Here, I saw many smiling people and although I did not come here to jump, smiles are always contagious… In the meantime, I took the opportunity for some photos of the jumps!

Credits: sirio174

Among the many happy and smiling faces, I decided to jump! Some were jumping barefoot (since the ascent takes place by means of a steel cable, and there is no need to walk), and I decided to do it too, to enjoy a greater feeling of freedom in the jump! It was my first time, a 220-meter high adventure! I wanted to do it in the best possible and funnest way so after I took off my cycling shoes and socks, I had bound by the staff and I jumped in a moment, without thinking too much!

Credits: sirio174

These photos do not represent me, because as usual, I like to tell stories without including myself. Here are portraits of other nice guys who jumped just before me!

Credits: sirio174

In the first eight seconds of free fall, I screamed involuntarily with a loud voice (the maximum speed is 220 km/h!), while during the first bounce (about 150 meters) I cried with joy, an “oooh” of wonder because I was projected so high!

Credits: sirio174

The other three rebounds seem like a “random” roller coaster, where you sometimes rebound with your head up, sometimes along the side, and sometimes you doing a random swing in the air! And I assure you that this is fun, fun, fun! No panic, no fear, only fun!

After the jump, I happily withdrew my certificate, which will allowed me to jump backwards next time, for a touch of more adrenaline! It’s a beautiful experience, a joyful one, in total security (Swiss safety standards are very high!). Obviously, in the afternoon, I enjoyed a swim in the cool waters of the valley!

Do you want to come and jump with me?

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  1. sibu_sen
    sibu_sen ·

    Hahahahaha, great article!!! :D Nice story and cool photos!! But no, I don't think I could jump with you ever!!! Looks so close to the wall as well, looks like you might hit it! Nice work!!

  2. math0165
    math0165 ·

    That is so awesome

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