LomoChrome Purple - C41 and E6


My first tests of the lomochrome Purple film, with a nice little E6 crossing-experience.

After some long months of waiting for the new Lomochrome Purple film, I finally got my five rolls on the 26th of July. You can imagine how happy and curious I was! The next day, I did a sightseeing tour in Cologne with some friends, but after shooting my first roll, I realized that my Kiev was broken. What bad luck! The complete first roll was messed up… and those shots, which were not messed up by the broken camera, were completely overexposed. The ‘XR’ label made me feel like I can overexpose a lot, but I guess ISO 100 should be the absolute minimum! It is not like the Redscale XR, which is still kosher with ISO 25 or even lower…

Although I had to work during the week, I was thrilled to have chance to try the Lomochrome Purple further. The weather was awful. I loaded it in my big Pentax 6×7 and before heading to work, I spent one or two hours for a walk in the sun, capturing the beautiful Schauspielhaus in Düsseldorf and some little ducklings in a park. The film was set to ISO 200, and when I saw the pictures, I decided that this must be the optimum setting. I love the colors!

What a beautiful film! Taken with Pentax 6×7

But one test was still waiting. The film is labeled as “Lomochrome”, so what will it do, when I expose it in E6? Again, I overexposed it for two stops, because in most cases, E6 results are very dark compared to C41. I spent a nice day with my girlfriend and her mother at Raketenstation Hombroich, a nice place close to Neuss in Germany. Again, an awesome sunny day with perfect conditions to try a new film.

When I got the results from the lab, I was a bit disappointed. The slides were all green, and I didn’t see another color. When putting them in my Canon Scanner, the Color Correction shifted it a bit more to blue, and when looking very closely, even some yellow can be found. I was pleased about the nice pictures, but decided, not to do it again. Cause I want purple, not blue!

Lomochrome Purple xpro in E6, taken with Lubitel 166+

written by shoujoai on 2013-09-02 #gear #review #cross #purple #e6 #xpro #lomochrome


  1. guinastrapazi
    guinastrapazi ·

    i love your results, i like the colors :)

  2. lonur
    lonur ·

    great review! i just got my lomochrome purple rolls too.

  3. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Envy =)

  4. rebeccacote
    rebeccacote ·

    Love your film fridge stash.

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