Analogue Photography: The Best Photography Teacher


Photography in general is something very close to my heart. It’s the one thing I could do forever, professionally or not. It’s the one thing I can never resist and forget even when days have faded and my hair has turned gray.

Credits: mayeemayee

I think my interest for photography started in 6th grade, which was around nine or 10 years ago. Camera phones were a huge trend then and photo booths were every elementary kid’s after school gimmick. Just like my friends, I also rode this trend but still kept something different in my pocket, a film camera.

It was a Canon point and shoot which I snagged from my uncle’s chest of vintage goodies. Yeah, I did own a camera phone then but hated the results of that two-megapixal gadget too much that I had to build a friendship with a Canon film camera.

My second film camera was a Holga 120 CFN which I bought at a Lomography bazaar.

It was my first taste of analogue photography and I liked it a lot. Of course it was challenging and I’m pretty sure I have wasted several films but those mishaps made me want to try and learn more. I wanted more results and I wanted them to be better every time.

Credits: mayeemayee

Learning the basics of photography through a film camera was a test. But I must say that it was a great lesson from an excellent teacher. Composition, lighting, film speed, and the certain relationship you have with your subject(s) were all taught to me by an analogue camera. And I’m glad I learned it that way.

That is why analogue photography is important to me. Without it, I would never have ventured into photography. Maybe I’d be clueless of film formats, film speed, apertures, and all things photography that interest me now. Maybe I would not even care about cameras! But I’m happy that I do and that I learned it the analogue way. :)

Credits: mayeemayee

written by mayeemayee on 2013-08-27 #lifestyle #what-makes-analogue-photography-special-for-me

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