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Hazal Yılmaz is a blogger and traveler from Isatnbul, Turkey, known for her blog Çok Gezenler Kulübü (Travellers Club). She previously took some photos with the La Sardina in Lyon, during her last vacation. Read our interview and learn more about her after the jump.

LomoAmigo Name: Hazal Yılmaz
Occupation: Travel Blogger
Websites: hazalyilmaz.com
twitter: anlamarama

Tell us about yourself.
I write articles on hazalyilmaz.com about what you can eat, drink in Istanbul, whom and where to listen and how you can go there. Also I walk around the borders of relationships, love or sex triangle in my articles. To control my travel obsessions, I became the creator of a project called cokgezenlerkulubu.com and spent more time to get to know the world. If you have any wonders about me, you can follow @anlamarama on Twitter, if you want to see food that will make you have cravings or some places that tell you that you need to be there, follow @anlamarama on Instagram. I am copiloting a homemade radio show called “Esaslı Kadınlar” (Tough Women). We discuss issues on sex, relationships, and love problems that we can’t talk about in public. Sometimes we talk about them when we hit the bottom of a second wine bottle.

Did you love taking analogue pictures? What was most exciting about the experience?
I really loved it but it rated me with a French’s word “raté”(failure). When the photos came back from washing, 1. I learned that this thing isn’t like digital cameras and you can’t erase for good whatever you don’t like. You have to be careful. 2. You have to consider the lightning and learn to take advantage of the location of sun. 3. You need to set your frame well and you have to know that every photo needs a careful attention. Going back to the roads of art and walk around in it made me more excited about photography.

Do you use any other analogue stuff (notebook, records etc)?
I still read paper books and carry a notebook with pencil. I only use television to see a good movie or to refresh my mind.

Tell us about your style of travel photography? Do you ever feel like a japanese tourist?
Of course! Since I started to work on a project called Çok Gezenler Kulübü, I took photos of food, kids, street graffitti, music frescos and practically everything else. It is important to be reminded me of what I have experienced. I am not a person who tells about my journeys without a camera, which helps readers understand what traveling can really make you feel. If I have enough time, I just walk around first and after, I walk around the same street with the eyes of a camera.

How was the La Sardina for travel photography?
Fabulous! The greatest part is creating one solid story from two other frames. I was looking for other examples worldwide to get inspired (or copy).

Any new projects?
I am going to London on February to mess it up. La Sardina will be there with me and it will update you about the process.

Where do you want to be and what do you want to do now?
I have a world map on my home wall which has a width of 3m. There are red marks on it for visited places. If you look at the total, there are only a few marks like a cracked ice in whiskey glass. I pinned concert tickets, a writer that I discovered his life story, a cigarette pack that I found on the street, a receipt from somewhere I ate, and placed them over the oceans. This is maybe the proof of what I have lived… I write down “Destinations of 2013” right beside it and highlighted it 3 or 4 times. Destinations are, first with South America, Belize, Amazon Rainforest, Iguazu Falls in Rio, Paine NP Mountains in Chile, Titicaca Lake between Bolivia and Peru, Inka’s lost city Machu Picchu. These are the easy ones. I would like to see the penguins, join a crew that researches on a cheetah’s life, pass through the desert and its sands.

Which person from popular culture you would like to take pictures of?
If you arrange a plane ticket and a week with Anthony Bourdain, I can create a masterpiece from that.

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