Picture This: Happiness: Taking pictures


Happiness is subjective. It differs from person to person, and for me, what makes me happy is about capturing the moment and taking pictures.

Credits: syerowoo

Happiness makes one whole. There are definitely different factors that would lead to the wholeness of an individual, but what is most important, is what we enjoy doing most. Our motivations. The things that keep us going no matter how hard it is, or during our toughest times in our lives.

Credits: syerowoo

For me, the only hobby that i have had for a long period of time (while still having a huge passion for), is photography. I know, its common and cliche to say that “I love photography and my life revolves around it.” However, I stand by this. Being a student, i am not especially excellent in my studies and would frequently feel frustrated and annoyed by it. Amongst all the angst i feel studying, one thing that i could seek solace in was photography. I enjoy going out to take pictures with my friends or when i’m alone, and it makes me so happy that for a moment, i forget all the frustrations i have.

Behind all of this, what genuine happiness is all about, is to see others happy and be happy for them. People find happiness in taking pictures, whether digital or analog, as photography brings one to a whole new dimension.

All these pictures above shows only one thing – the happiness people feel while taking pictures of others.They might not be smiling at the camera in the photos, but they definitely feel a sense of release and freedom with each photo taken. And to me, this is true happiness.

written by syerowoo on 2013-09-02 #lifestyle #happiness-happy-lomography-people-camera-picture-taking

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