Rock It Out in Analogue: Tame Impala rocking in Ljubljana


Tame Impala is not my favourite rock band in the world but their album Lonerism was one of my favourite albums of 2012. When they came to Ljubljana in August, I just had to see them.

Tame Impala is an Australian band that was formed by Kevin Parker. The band is actually his project, he writes all the music and words, he sings and plays guitar. Their debut was called Innerspeaker and was released in 2010. But it was actually their second album, Lonerism, that gave them much more exposure as well as critical acclaim.

Maybe you’ve already seen the cover of Lonerism?

Kevin Parker made this shot with his Diana F. It’s a photo of Luxembourg Garden in Paris. The viewer is separated from other people in the garden with a fence, this isolation refers to the title of the album.

It’s quite hard to explain what kind of music Tame Impala play. It’s some kind of psychedelic rock with some parts of dream pop and indie pop. It’s like you can hear some of the Beatles’ psychedelic sound in their music. It’s like going back to the 60’s, their sound is really full.

It was really awesome to have them in Ljubljana. It happens quite a lot that Ljubljana (because it’s a really small capital) gets skipped in tours of bands. We get some concerts but could always have some more. Still, Zagreb and Vienna are close, so it’s not that big of a problem. But when the band actually comes, it gets a lot of attention. Tame Impala were sold out and it was a great concert. I still prefer listening to their music at home because I think some of their sound just gets lost in a big music hall. It’s way better in my room. Or maybe I just didn’t drink enough. The concert was full of good music, full of different lights and the background was really colorful. You immediately got that psychedelic feeling. It was laid back and easy going. But the lights were just too intense for my lomo lc-a, I guess.

Looking at these photos it looks like a concert was just a big blur. It was probably for some who smoked too much but it wasn’t for me. I had the best time. But it wouldn’t hurt if Kevin Parker turned off the echo of his mike when talking to audience because I didn’t understand one thing he was saying. I just hope he had as good time as I did.

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