Lille's Cathedral Notre Dame de la Treille

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Lille’s Cathedral is an amazing place. It offers a contemporary style for this type of building. It is a place not to be missed if you visit this city. What is its history? Why was it so confusing that style?

Our Lille Cathedral, is a neo-Gothic cathedral built between 1854 and 1999. Nestled at heart of Old Lille, it offers an architectural style that contrasts with everything that surrounds it and the overall architecture of Lille.

This is not so much the neo-Gothic style that catches the eye of the cathedral, but its facade contrasts with the rest of the building. In fact, it dates from the last years of building the Cathedral and offers a much more modern than the rest of the building style.
The pediment is made of marble and metal structure, while the rest is Neo-Gothic, offers a classic reference in the Middle Ages.

The main facade was inaugurated in 1999. It was designed by the architect Pierre-Louis Carlier, designed by architect Raymond Pâques, and is totally independent of the rest of the building. Its main entrance is made of 110 sheets of white marble supported by a metal structure designed by the architect of the Sydney Opera House: Peter Rice.
The peculiarity of these marble slabs is that they create a set of transparency inside the cathedral, and a gently piercing orange light.

It should also be noted that this is the great work of sculpture of George Jeanclos. The sculptor had a very special technique realization. He worked in the clay typing and flattening in the extreme. So he could cover the characters achievements of real clay cloth .
The portal of the cathedral appears blank and sleepers bronze made ​​from Jeanclos sculptures. The side gates were made by Maya Salvado Ferrer, from the sketches of Georges Jeanclos. This is unfortunately deceased at the time of realization.

Our Lille Cathedral is listed as a historical monument since 2009. This is a must visit place of Lille. A surprising and paradoxical that you will not forget location.

Technical sources of this article are from Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-la-Treille de Lille

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    Wonderful Art-ical and great pictures, thanks!

  2. avola
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    Wonderful Art-ical and great pictures, thanks!

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