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Our featured LomoAmigo for today is fashion blogger Meriç Küçük. She writes for the famous fashion blog maritsa.co and has been using the Diana Mini Sparkling Edition for a while. Get to know Meric and see her analogue photos after the jump.

LomoAmigo Name: Meriç Küçük
Occupation: Fashion Blogger
Website: *maritsa.co*

Tell us about yourself.

This is my 24th year with myself but I don’t quite have much knowledge about it. I work as an editor, writing for maritsa.co, and I am also working on a new project, drink 8 cups of coffee a day, having some exercise while running with heels. I know, I’m exaggerating a bit. I constantly change plans; I get tired of that. I am impatient but I can read like hours. I mean, I am a little bit confused.

Did you like taking analogue pictures? What did you find most exciting about the experience?

I really loved it but I have to say, I was scared too. Every time a camera got stuck, I was worried that I broke something really fragile. I felt like I was carrying a camera covered with glass. But I think the best part was washing the films, even I had no idea what’s in it!

Do you still use any other analogue stuff (notebook, record etc)?
Always notebooks, I have some records and I still use pencils, does that count? :)

We think that the Sparkling Edition camera is one of the most chic designs of Lomography. What do you think? Does it suit your style?
Superb! Both really fun and chic. It looks like a toy but in the it’s also like a chic accessory. I didn’t find it odd to carry it and it goes with my style. It sometimes works as a necklace too.

How would you describe the Diana Mini in two words?
Lady D! But drunk!

Please share your favorite photo which was shot with the Diana Mini
The photo of Selim’s shoes and his umbrella. Also, my other favorite is one with two different frames merged in one photo, but I understand how it was possible.

Any new projects?
I am working on a new project. Our first steps started with a platform that I have been dreaming about for many years. I want MR. to be a big family that includes all formats of visual art. We are still at the beginning stages and it really excites me to travel an unknown journey. But everybody wakes up to life every morning with a new project, don’t they? If I have to count my short term goals, I have a lot of projects to make. I can keep it going.

Where do you want to be and what would you like to do now?
On a warm beach, during sunset, with my beloved friends, drinking cocktails and laughing until my stomach hurts.

Is there any popular figure that you want to shoot?
It’s hard to answer but I wanted to shoot Anna Piaggi at her place before her death and maybe shoot her without her unique or colorful make up. I am too late for this for she went away too soon.

Meriç’s camera is the Diana Mini Premier Cru Sparkling Edition .

written by bomboniera on 2014-01-30 #people #lomography #blogger #lomoamigo #meric-kucuk #maritsa
translated by ecepeliter

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