Finding Wally or Waldo: Secret Striped Agent


We at Lomography get all nostalgic when someone says “Where’s Wally?” We bet you do too since when it came to children’s books, Where’s Wally was by far a fun favourite. Did you ever stop to think how well Wally actually eluded us? That’s because there’s more to Wally that meets the eye…

It’s always fun to get lost in the timeless locations dreamt up by illustrator and Where’s Wally creator Martin Handford. Hours pass, and still no sign of Wally. You’re not concerned because the beach is always full of bathers as no one ever has to pack their car up and head home since the sun is always out, including Wally. So as long as there’s a guarantee he’s there on the glossy page’s immovable print you’re not to suspicious as to why you haven’t found him yet…

And when you do find him, his pleasant demeanor strikes you as odd for a split second but is then overridden with a surge of adrenaline and happiness from having found him. As a ‘trekker’ with professional walking stick and gear, why is Wally not in utter panic when in such dense crowds, and how did he get himself from being off the beaten path or atop the peaceful mountain ranges to the most populated beaches or the middle of historic sieges? Surely he has ulterior motives for being at such places at such precise times – plundering after the battle is over? And the progressively difficult and dangerous zones visited by Wally was no coincidence given Wizard Whitebeard’s appearance and continued role as one of Wally’s companions. Without a doubt, Whitebeard is to Wally as Merlin was to Arthur.

Credits: kylewis & golfpunkgirl

So, we ask outselves, is Wally a rogue Gondolier? Part of the notorious red stripes family? How about the “right under your nose” observation of… is Wally a burglar, with his striped attire – colored red to throw us off! The latter would explain the time travel… perhaps Wally a.k.a Waldo, a.k.a Hugo, is one and all of the mastermind Art thieves and heist orchestrators throughout history! That explains the numerous aliases and Wally’s friends (his highly skilled ‘team’).

How ingenious, to allude to one of the major conspiracies in history in a series of children’s books! No wonder we love it so much! It’s history, espionage and good fun jumbled in one!

Hold a historic piece of mastermind mastery in your hand with the La Sardina Wally Watcher Edition. After all, we have to keep the Wally’s we see lurking around inconspicuously in check should secret services call upon us at any instance.

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