DIY Film Canister Bag Tags

2013-08-26 4

Traveling a lot and want to have a fun and quirky way to identify your luggage in the airport? Here’s a quick how-to on making your own film canister bag tag!

Photo from Dan K

This tipster would be easier if you bulk load your own film. If you do not, no worries as you can ask your favorite photo lab to give you a couple of rolls that they’re not using anymore. Chances are that just cut the negatives from the canisters, leaving just a couple of inches out, which is perfect!

Photo from Dan K

To avoid the film from going back in, you can tape a bit of wood (half a toothpick will do) to the end of the roll.

Photo from Dan K

If you’re feeling lazy, you can just tape your name and other pertinent details to the negative sticking out. But if you’re feeling dedicated, you can shoot an exposure so that it’s permanently burned onto the film! To do this, you have to design and display a template on your screen and photograph it. You have to invert the colors first however, so that once the film is developed, it’ll show up like a slide!

As a final touch, spray the emulsion side with clear lacquer, as the gelatin coating will absorb water, swell, and stick together if it gets damp. Enjoy your trip!

Information for this article was sourced from Dan K

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  1. djobrien687
    djobrien687 ·

    Can't wait to try this

  2. joush
    joush ·

    how did you attach the key chain?

  3. tonantzin
    tonantzin ·

    I just finished mine! :D

  4. jakemasa
    jakemasa ·

    What a great Idea

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