Ferrania Solaris Chrome 100 - A Toxic Link to the Future


There always has to be a reason or motivation to write a film review. Sometimes it’s the sheer excitement about a great series of pictures or a rare find. In the case of the Ferrania Solaris Chrome, it is an epic turnover in the current photo film industry. With their recent statement to be releasing a new slide film, Ferrania made most of analogue film aficionados rub their eyes in happiness. So it’s time to go back to the future with the Ferrania Solaris Chrome 100.

For years I wanted to make a review about the Ferrania Solaris Chrome 100. But I always postponed it, because there was no rush anyway. It has been out of production and it’s pretty seldom that anyone got hold of it. So it wouldn’t have matter to write an article now or in ten years. But as excitement rises for a new Ferrania slide film based on the old Scotch Chrome 100, I felt it is the right time to bring it on.

Credits: wil6ka

I am a fan of the Solaris Chrome 100, especially of the crossed version. I have the feeling in C41, certain colours like blues or reds are striking, but everything else gets washed out, which is a great effect. Actually it’s like a very, very light version of Aerochrome or the Lomo purple. What I also like is its strong whites and blacks, which is the base of every contrasty picture. Often when you cross, everything gets so bright. That is too much for my personal taste. The grain is quite unique and comparable to the Scotch Chrome 100, which also shows similar colours – and there we go: the emulsion family sticks together (compare with the reviews on Scotch Chrome 100 and Imation Chrome 100).

Credits: wil6ka

For the E6 version, everything is slightly blue and a little washed out. Not as strong as the Imation Chrome and it still shows a lot of features of other colours. Especially the reds as it comes out strong. Let’s say it’s a light blue veil that’s put onto every picture. I personally tried the E6 version on my trip to Siberia picturing giant tepees from the ethnic minorities of Chanty and Manzy. I always like such contrast of content, things that do not fit together and deliver a new narrative together. And in the case of the Solaris Chrome 100, I found a beautiful contradiction.

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  1. rbruce63
    rbruce63 ·

    Why do you call the article a toxic link to the future?

  2. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    @rbruce63 because Ferrania will start to produce slide film again!

  3. onetwo-oh
    onetwo-oh ·

    I think perhaps you mean "intoxicating".

    Film manufacture is less toxic (auf deutsch "giftig") than semiconductor manufacture.

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