Imation Chrome 100 - Closing a Ferrania Trilogy


Ferrania came out with new print and slide films and I am jumping up and down with joy. For this reason I just made a review about the old Ferrania Solaris Chrome. It’s said, that this new slide film has an emulsion which was derived from the 3M Scotch Chrome 100. For this film, I made a review already a few months back. But I think there is one last film, which falls into the same range and same emulsion. So to make the film trilogy complete I will introduce the Imation Slide 100.

There aren’t many film producers. And sometimes companies change their names, brands get bought by other companies, and things get strange and confused. But we as a crowd make noise by writing itsy-bitsy articles. So here’s a quick shortcut: Ferrania was an Italian manufacturer of film-related products, it was bought by the American company 3M, which continued to produce films under their sub-brand Imation. Bam – here you go. Maybe it has been the same all along, maybe they altered the emulsion with time, but surely all kids got the same mother, if you know what I mean. But if you look at the Solaris chrome Cartridge and the Imation one, you will find the same giant 3D yellow ball in the layout. Whether is a historic coincidence or a nerdy hint to film connoisseurs, we don’t know.

Credits: wil6ka

So how does this sibling look like? I only processed it as E6 and there were great similarities to the Ferrania Solaris Chrome, which is the most evident proof of the same genetic family. This Imation is expired and therefore the colour-lock is out of control. Everything is very blue and that is something to count on. I got my Imation slides from various sources, so if you get a hold on to one of those, you’ll probably be sure to receive similar results.

Credits: wil6ka

I think besides the blue colour there is something to say about light and formats. I think if you use panoramic shots and display a little of light and space the overall picture will be lighter and look more washed out and retro. If you use a smaller format, like the LC-A+, you condense the picture more and the blacks become blacker. Therefore there is more a graphic scenario. So it is more suitable to really construct a picture than reportage. Maybe that´s just a personal view, but I would like to share it.

written by wil6ka on 2013-08-30 #gear #blue #expired #review #ferrania #x-pro #3m


  1. mcdenis13
    mcdenis13 ·

    Nice photos!

    Just a small correction : Imation is not 3M's sub-brand. It is a completly different company. I made the fellowing text for another forum but I think it may interests you :

    From 1964 to 1996, 3M own Ferrania. From 1985 to 1996, one of the brand of film they sell is Scotch (like Portra, Ektachrome etc.). In 1996, 3M spin off one/a few of their division(s). The new company is called Imation (like when Agfa's consumer division became "AgfaPhoto".) The new Imation company is allowed to use 3M's "Scotch" brand. In 1999, Imation sell their "Photocolor" business. The new owner of the business creates a new company called "Ferrania Imaging Technologies". In 2000, the Solaris brand is introduced.

    Here is a time line of their slide film branding : 1985-1996->3M Scotch Chrome 1996-1999->Imation Scotch Chrome 2000-2005-> Ferrania Solaris Chrome

  2. wil6ka
    wil6ka ·

    thanks @mcdenis13 another puzzle part. But I still guess, that it's more or less the same emulsion under different brands, I guess. I actually like brand history a lot because it raises so many interesting questions!

  3. mcdenis13
    mcdenis13 ·

    @wil6ka Your guess is right. A FILM Ferrania representative confirmed that Scotch Chrome 100 was the same as Solaris Chrome 100. See his response there :…

  4. mcdenis13
    mcdenis13 ·

    @wil6ka I've searched for more more info on the subject and it seems that Imation was only allowed to use the Scotch brand for catalog use. That may explain why your roll of Imation Chrome does not contain the Scotch brand.

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