Scratching Film

2013-08-30 2

Do you want to try something new? Them take your film and scratch it. The results are strikingly different.

All you need is some steel wool or something similar that scratches the film well.

Pull the film (in total darkness of course) out of the canister and scratch it with the steel wool. This works best in a dry bath tub. Your film will then look something like this (this one has already been developed):

Now you just shoot the film, develop it as usual and be surprised by the results.

written by lenaschneider on 2013-08-30 #gear #tutorials #film #old-film #tipster #scratch #lc-a #quickie-tipster
translated by metobi


  1. lomographer-88
    lomographer-88 ·

    can I develope my film and then scratch it ?

  2. lenaschneider
    lenaschneider ·

    Just try it ;)

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