Analogue House Colours' Beats of Vietnam – Food (Stage 1) Winners Announcement

2013-08-24 2

We had plenty of delicious photo submissions to Stage 1 of the illustrious Colors’ Beats of Vietnam LomoWall Exhibition competition which asked for people to share photos of the Food of Vietnam! For this we couldn’t be happier! So thank you all for submitting and to the winner who’ll be revealed, like food on those fancy large serving dishes with the lid, after the jump!

The plethora of photos were delivered to us both directly on our Competition page and through Analogue House's Website. When we finally stopped drooling over all the foods represented in the vivid images you sent in, we sat down and picked a winner – mind you it was tough!

Congratulations to Nguyen Kei

Credits: analoguehouse

The photos submitted ranged from enjoyment of food by locals and travelers a like. Some showed market scenes, dinner feasts where colorful plates miraculously balanced on foldout tabletops, middle-aged lady vendors on the streets of Hanoi with their fruits, butchers and their meats, baguettes and delicate spring rolls, and the contemplative shot of coffee and a book atop one of the plenty cafe tables in Vietnam.

The above photo is of a Căn Cake or Bánh Căn from the city of Đà Lạt in Lâm Đồng Province. What screams eat me more than wafting scent waves from the ‘cakes’ fresh off the clay pan? Nothing! This scrumptious photo of the southern quail egg specialty has simply infiltrated our senses in the best possible way!

Congratulations Nguyen Kei on your new Diana F+ edition!

Notable mentions include:

Credits: analoguehouse, camelottezz, i_am_four-eyes, tomato218, cutebun & buckshot

Remember , plenty of selected photos will be used in the Colours’ Beats of Vietnam LomoWall Exhibition! Stay tuned and participate in our other ongoing competition rounds!

Now to go and have some delicious Vietnamese food myself!!

Read this article in Vietnamese here.

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  1. cutebun
    cutebun ·

    Thank you! =D @soundfoodaround for the mention

  2. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    Thanks for selecting my snake-whisky shot! :-)

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