A Lowlight Getaway With The Fuji Natura Classica


I recently took a short trip and discovered that the Fuji Natura Classica was more impressive than I had previously thought. In low light situations it was the perfect camera of choice!

Everyone is probably tired of hearing about how much I love my Fuji Natura Classica, but the proof is in the photos! This camera talks some pretty good talk about how swift it is in low light situations, but can it really live up to the hype that everyone gives it? Yes my friend, it can.

The camera not only feels good when you are holding it, but the flash pops right up with the slight press of a button. It’s a camera that knows what it’s doing. On a very recent trip that I took to a bed and breakfast, the Fuji Natura Classica proved very useful. As evening approached, the camera waited in silence for the perfect opportunities to snap photos.

Credits: ajagee24701

Here’s the crazy part: I wasn’t really at those locations, not really. We were driving by and I was able to get shots of those things from the car (window rolled down). The cameras brilliantly made flash makes for the perfect shot almost every time! When I got back to the B&B, I wanted to get a few shots, but it was night time by then. So…I did it anyway.

Credits: ajagee24701

I think a few of those were taken with the flash off, but the camera gives them a really nice soft look. I am pleased with the Natura Classica, very pleased! It’s a camera that earns the respect that it is given.

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