Lomochrome Purple 400: The Purples and Pinks of the Sun and Shade

With my first roll of Lomochrome Purple, I wondered what kind of colors I could get out of this new film. Would it be like anything I’ve ever used before?

Credits: lislisdotnet

Like other community members, I have been eagerly waiting for Lomochrome Purple 400 . Finally, after 6 months of waiting, my 35mm rolls arrived.The time had come to test it out.

I decided to shoot my first roll of Lomochrome Purple in my Canon F-1 and a 20mm wide-angle lens, set at ISO 400. Camera loaded, I took it to my favorite local watering holes along the Patapsco River in Maryland.

So how did my landscape shots turn out?

Unfortunately, my camera had an issue with spooling. So the first few frames of the roll became overexposed when respooling.

Credits: lislisdotnet

No matter, after fixing the problem, subsequent photos spooled smoothly. My first shots of a corn field differed between themselves. It was interesting to see how different the corn looked depending on lighting and metering. When metering for the sky, the corn came out quite dark. The shots where I was focusing on the corn came out in a lighter, more detailed, purple hue. Overexposing the photo from a different angle meant losing a lot of those purples overall.

Credits: lislisdotnet

From there, I took photographs down by the Dam, to see what effect the film would have with water. The way the water reflected light, or shown clear affected if it looked purple or pink.

Credits: lislisdotnet

I followed along the trail, to get some shots of the river and woods. Those in the shadows came out saturated in purples, while others out in the sun were more overexposed, with light greens, pinks, and purples. At times the light pink trees resembled cotton candy.

Credits: lislisdotnet

In the open areas within the woods, the foliage looked lighter, than under the shade. Colors varied from purples to pinks.

Credits: lislisdotnet

The purples and pinks reminded me a bit of Lomography Tungsten , especially if overexposed with nothing to contrast the purple/pink with. Though the differences with how the colors affect the highlights and shadows is clear. Lomography Tungsten is not same as Lomochrome Purple.

The Pinks and Purples of Lomography Tungsten

Similar to another Lomochrome Purple review, one of the more difficult parts with LomoChrome Purple comes when scanning the film. The intense purples and color shifts made it difficult for my scanner to read the first time. My scanning software tried to overcompensate for the purples during the first runs, so scanning took longer than my normal process. I’m considering taking my negatives to my local lab to see what results they come up with when scanning, just for curiosity sake. If they’re able to get accurate purple tones with their software, it may be worth spending a few extra dollars instead of me using up that additional time trying to calibrate correctly.

The biggest takeaway I had after my first time using the film, was learning just how different the purple tones can turn out based on exposure.

All in all, I’m very curious to try out more rolls. Here’s to hoping another batch goes on sale again soon.

written by lislisdotnet on 2013-08-28 #gear #lomohromepurple-purple-wide-angle-lens-canon-f-1-summer-woods-scanning-shadow-shade-tungsten #review

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