Introducing LomoAmigo Josephine

We had the pleasure of catching up with emerging musician, Josephine, as she played over the summer. View her lovely black and white photos and se what she has to say about her time at Glastonbury and more.

I don’t want to sound like “that guy”, but have you heard of Josephine yet? If not, then it’s time to get with the programme! The Guardian and Telegraph and singing her praises, and she is making big waves, performing at Glastonbury and SXSW this year. She very kindly took some time to tell us a bit more about herself after spending quality time getting to know her La Sardina camera.

Hi Josephine! Can you do a quick introduction of yourself for our readers?
Hi, I’m Josephine and I make music. It is of the folk, indie, soul, and guitar-inspired variety. I play an acoustic guitar and I live and work in Manchester

Your music seems to be a mixture of genres and it’s hard to pick just one. How do you classify your sound?
It’s lyrical first and foremost. I like to concentrate on the sentiment and the meaning in a song and then work on the style and the genre. The style tends to be a mix of folk and soul.

I read that your first performance was at 15. Have you been working steadily to this point musically since then or have there been gaps in pursuing a music career?
There have been no gaps really. Other than those that are natural i.e. not being able to find a gig or not having any money to afford a studio etc. etc., but otherwise, in my mind, I have always made music.

This year has been a big year for you in terms of your introduction to a wider audience. What “wow” moments have you had so far?
I have been gigging and promoting the album/ myself in other parts of the world throughout the year; I have been to SXSW in Texas, L.A, Holland, Germany, Ireland and France and the album is also out in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. This branching out into other parts of the world is a great new part of not just my career but my life also. Music’s taking me off around the world and it’s inspiring.

Can you tell us a little about what you photographed for us?
I did two different ‘projects’. Firstly, I took a roll of film to Glastonbury 2013; I hope the images turn out to be a good reflection of the atmosphere of the festival this year. Secondly, I visited two of my favourite buildings in Manchester, The Royal Exchange and John Ryland’s library. Both building’s have some wonderful and fascinating features and are central parts of Manchester’s cultural heritage.

Have you shot much film photography before? How analogue is your day-to-day life?
No, I used to have an analogue camera many years ago when I was a kid but my adult life has been fully digital. I found it slightly odd at first not being able to see the picture immediately on a screen. But I am really excited about seeing the finished shots now, which is what analogue is all about; the anticipation of finding out what you’ve made.

What’s coming up for you for the rest of this year?
I have lots more festivals over summer, including: T in the Park, Electric Picnic, Ventnor Fringe, on the Isle of White, and Latitude. Then, I hope I’m getting back into the studio to make the next album. They’ll be a couple more tours too in autumn so I have lots happening.

Keep in touch with Josephine on her site.

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