Diana Multi Pinhole Operator: A Psychedelic Aesthetic

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The Diana Multi Pinhole Operator is a clone of our Diana. However, it offers a different rendering and photographic system. The Diana Multi Pinhole, as the name suggests, offers multi-pinhole apertures. Thus, it offers a different experience from any other camera​​.

The Diana Multi Pinhole Operator has the appearance of a classical Diana, being different in its color and its absence of a lens. Indeed, the pinhole does not require the presence of a lens, but just a hole the size of a small needle. Working with this camera will therefore necessitate long exposures, because the light penetration with this system will be very small compared to the opening of a regular film camera.

The Diana Multi Pinhole Operator has a dragon logo, because it takes you on a trip to countries that you would never have explored before. So be prepared! Climb on his back, we take off!

Credits: jaybees80

See how your vision is different through the lens of this camera? The Dragon allows you to see the world with the senses heightened tenfold. The smoke coming out of his nostrils intoxicated your Diana, and made ​​him lose his head. Your Diana sees double and triple and her vision becomes psychedelic.

Indeed, as this camera offers several simultaneous inputs and offset lights, your images will be doubled or tripled. With its color filters, photos take a psychedelic aesthetic.

What I mean by psychedelic, is all that can come close to art and colorful design of the 60’s and 70’s. Such as Mathmos lamps, or the aesthetics of pop / rock posters of the 70’s such as Bob Masse.
I suggest you also check out the exhibition Art Nouveau Revival catalog and The psychedelic art by Robert E.L. Masters & Jean Houston (ed. Balance House, 1968).

Example Bob Masse posters and products Mathmos

In parallel, the aesthetics of these years is that of Aerochrome. Look carefully at The Jimmy Hendrix Experience.

The psychedelic aesthetic that offers the Diana Dragon is that of an inner journey. A voluptuous and subconscious journey: that of a dream.

Indeed, silver chemistry is made of magic and unpredictable reactions, as is the chemistry of the brain that dreams. In the continuity of the aesthetic developed by the Diana, it produces a specific and colorful dream.

In a sense, technique and rendering of the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator falls under the idea of ​​*"synesthesia":https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synesthesia#Sound_.E2.86.92_color_synesthesia*.In other words, an unconscious projection of color on what we see, in relation to another senses. This idea lends itself to the Diana’s achievements with music. Put on your headphones, your favorite music, and climb on the dragon!

Credits: jaybees80

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    Lovely Article and Wonderful Acid Trip Photos. :D

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