LomoChrome Purple: The Future of Analogue Film


With the new batch of LomoChrome Purple films came a new batch of photographs, all more creative than the first shots. This film works like the Lomography Redscale XR50 – 200 so the colors are rendered differently according to the ISO you set. I offer you my first impressions of this new film and its possibilities.

Credits: jaybees80

First things first, we have a lot to thank for in this community for a “reinvention” of the Kodak Aerochrome. A round of applause is in order for Lomography for listening to us.

The Aerochrome film will be our starting point:

Credits: bccbarbosa, lazybuddha, frauspatzi, elenakulikova & yarn

This film rendering is so particular and specific. It required varied conditions for the shots and the addition of color filters offer a nice fix. For my part, I tested this film but I stayed pretty skeptical to its results and operating conditions.

What is attractive about this film is how the natural colors (that reject infrared) are changed from pink to red. However, it does not lend that characteristic to all images or all conditions. In addition, it requires dexterity, learning and mastery to reach the level of famous photographer Dean Bennici.

In contrast, the Lomochrome Purple is innovative because it is an improvement of Aerochrome. It is easier to use because it requires no special filters or specific shooting conditions other than shooting in ISO settings between 100 to 400

My first shots with this film were made at ISO 400 with my LC-A+. As you can see, the rendering is very purple, doing justice to the name LomoChrome Purple. I would have liked to show you more, however my LC-A+ had a battery problem during this session, it’s the reason why I only have a few pictures to show you.

From the rendering perspective, it is as promised. Natural colors turn purple and embellishes other colors to offer an innovative rendering. Indeed, the rendering is different with the Aerochrome but to be truly innovative in our digital age, the project should be ground breaking. LomoChrome Purple does just that.

The Double Exposure

Credits: jaybees80

As usual I tested this film with double exposures using my LC-A+. The rendering was surprising. The colors were not the same and offered me a much broader spectrum than with the first shoot. There are different ranges of purple and pink and blue in this Lomochrome Purple. The problem of double exposure is the tendency to overexpose the film. I still have to try it in other shooting conditions and with other cameras. Please note that at this time of year, I tested this film under very intense lighting conditions.

A different aesthetic

According to Michel Pastoureau in his Dictionary of Colors of Our Age, purple is transgressive. In other words, LomoChrome Purple offers a photographic transgression. In a sense, this rendering is incomparable. Digital does not offer this kind of color rendering as it is exclusive for film.

In our time, the direction of this new emerging aesthetic is different. It separates our photographic work from the digital ground. Cheers to nascent LomoChrome. Long live film. Long live Lomography.

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translated by jaybees80

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