Picturing Happiness: Lomographers! This is No Urban Legend


Getting the redscale effect that you thought was just urban legend when you least expect it can bring an indescribable sense of happiness as a Lomographer. The euphoria can’t be explained.

I am big fan of redscale as I like a vintage-looking feel to my photos. Even so, I have been looking for the elusive blue-greens in my photos and I’ve finally got the effect that I wanted. Best part? I was not expecting much out of that roll, so just imagine my happiness when I got a couple of photos with the colours that I’ve been searching for.

In my hunt for these colours, I actually asked the technicians of the photo labs that I patronise if it is possible to get such colours from a roll of redscaled film. These people have been in the business since the 1980s, and they told me that they have not seen it before. They told me it is just a lomography urban legend. Imagine my disappointment – until I saw these photos.

A wonderful memory of my New York holiday

Here’s what I did. I redscaled a roll of Kodak Kodacolor 100 film that expired in 2006. Loaded it into my Olympus XA, set the ISO to 25 and aperture to the max of f2.8 and snapped away.

I normally scan my own film as I send my films to the photo shop for development only. However, after a holiday to New York, I decided to have my films (27 rolls) developed and scanned to save some time. I can’t say that I know what happened during the development or the scanning. But it’s the results that mattered to me. I got the tones that I was looking for. While some people will say that the photos are more yellowish in nature, the colours appear blue-green to me.

These snapshots will not win any competition for composition or anything. In fact, it’s boring. However, it is the colours in the photos that make my happy. For now I know it is possible to get the blue-greens that I am looking for. And that’s all that matters to me — it makes me happy looking at these photos.

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