Stunning Night Photographs Taken Using the Fuji Klasse W


Looking for a nice compact film camera to roam and snap around your cities with at night? Consider a premium offering by Fuji, the elegant Klasse W, which performs well even at dusk and at night. Curious? Step right up and take a look at some Klasse W night snaps by our fellow community members!

Shooting around town at night can be a challenge, but with the right camera and film, we can still land beautifully crisp and luminous shots at night and in low-light conditions! One such camera that makes a top choice for night photography is the Fuji Klasse W, another gorgeous top-of-the-line compact offering by camera maker Fuji. It has a fixed 28mm wide-angle lens that lets you capture as much of the scenes before you, and a wide aperture of f/2.8 to make sure you get proper exposure that renders the night scenes faithfully. The Klasse W also boasts of a sharper Super EBC Fujinon Lens and improved focus system than the Fuji Natura Classica, making it a great option if you want an upgraded compact shooter that works great even without flash. Load it with ISO 800 or 1600 film and you’re all set to prowl the streets at night!

If you still need some convincing, we’ll let the gallery of night snaps by our fellow lomographers show you what the Fuji Klasse W is capable of taking:

Credits: ph14, gakurou, oskar73, ulanalee, catfordst & cjd0623

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The Fuji Klasse W is an analogue point-and-shoot that boasts fantastic features packed in a lightweight magnesium body. This camera offers a range of manual options, rare for a point-and-shoot, giving you the opportunity to create images in different lighting situations. It also comes with a high-quality 28mm Super EBC Fujinon lens that delivers sharp images with natural color saturation. This camera delivers great performance in any shooting condition.
The Fuji Klasse W is available for pre-order online and initially available exclusively to the following Asian markets: Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Macau, Vietnam, and Brunei.

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