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No matter what makes you shilly-shally about buying the Fuji Klasse W, let’s have a look at Lomographer Ron’s thoughts about this camera! See what this camera can bring to your snap shot journey! Read on!

Name: Ron
LomoHome: Ron

Can you briefly introduce the Fuji Klasse W?
It’s a premium analogue point-and-shoot camera that launched in 2007. Equipped with a high-quality 28mm lens, it offers a range of manual functions like ‘aperture priority mode’, film speed settings and most importantly – the flash modes! For normal point-and-shoot cameras, their settings automatically revert back to default once turned off which means the flash is always on. However with the Fuji Klasse W’s flash mode setting you can easily adjust it according to your shooting habits.

Under what occasions do you use the Fuji Klasse W?
Daily snap shots! The nearest focal length of the Fuji Klasse W is 0.3m, which allows me to stay close with the subject! And its exclusive NP mode (Natural Photo Mode) makes it possible to perform well in a dark environment.

Have you ever tried to use Fuji Klasse W to take portraits? How was it?
Haha, I always use it to capture the faces around me. Its 28mm lens provides you with a new perspective and angle of shooting portraits.

What do you like most about the Fuji Klasse W?
I like the beautiful vignette it brings when the aperture is set to 2.8! If you want your photos to look more decent, you can just simply set the aperture to 4 or above.

Do you have any tips on using the Fuji Klasse W?
Insert it with ISO 400 film always! Then you no longer have to worry about the shutter speed! For me, I always set the aperture to 2.8 as the shutter speed will be faster so that no blurry images result. You can keep this setting in daylight conditions as I haven’t had any over exposure problems so far. Therefore, you can look forward to shooting without boundaries!

Photo is taken from Kakaku.

The Fuji Klasse W is an analogue point-and-shoot that boasts fantastic features packed in a lightweight magnesium body. This camera offers a range of manual functions, rare for a point-and-shoot, giving you the opportunity to create images in different lighting situations. It also comes with a high-quality 28mm Super EBC Fujinon lens that delivers sharp images with natural color saturation. This camera delivers great performance in any shooting condition.

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