DIY Frames Using Old Camera Filters


Got a lot of old and awkwardly-sized lens filters from your vintage cameras? Give them a new lease on life as frames for your Fisheye shots!

Photo from kehblog

There isn’t a lot you can do with old camera filters. They’re either full of fungus, scratched up, or does not fit any of your current camera lens lineup. Rather than let them go to waste, repurpose them and use them as circular photo frames!

You can use regular photos but 110 Fisheye shots work best, owing to their small size and circular frame. Just cut your photo small enough to fill the filter, and put it inside. You can choose to fasten another filter at the back or just use an adhesive. For displaying it, you can balance it on a camera body cap like in the photo, or stick a magnet at the back and put it on your fridge!

written by cruzron on 2013-08-20 #gear #tutorials #diy #filter #tipster #frame

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