Lomography Smartphone Scanner


A review of the recently launched smartphone scanner.

I’ve followed Kickstarter since launch – I keep a weekly eye on the products launched there. Let’s face it, it’s totally a nerd’s dream space and to my utter delight, I saw the Lomography smartphone scanner project pop up and immediately the idea grabbed my attention. I could feel my mind starting to tick over with the possibilities…

The smartphone scanner is a simple yet inspired concept. It appeals to me on many levels – first off, having the ability to scan your own negatives is really great. I have box upon boxes of negatives collected over the years – but more importantly, I have several negatives that I only had developed and not yet printed. Some I had developed myself many, many moons ago and I had not done anything with them… until now.

The scanner was super easy to set up – I had it up and running in less than 5 minutes. The design is intuitive and I had no need to actually read the instructions, which is cool as I never read instructions. I like to figure it out myself. The app was also a breeze to use. I liked the fact that you can configure the app settings – always a bonus! Freedom of control is important!

I really enjoyed the process as a whole – it’s exciting to see the images appear on your phone one by one. It made me smile and I saw a series together with sprocket holes that I shot some 5 or more years ago. It brought back many fond memories & a few crazy ones!

Shooting the images the scanner produces straight onto your phone via the (free) app makes it easy to upload them, email them, and so on. The actual construction of the scanner is solid and looks like an old fashioned bellows camera. It’s very tactile to use. It made me feel like some sort of retro pioneer, even with such a modern way of scanning film.

My scans are not all exactly the same size. This was an active choice on my part. I wanted a collection that where not all the same size. The app made this instantly possible. Repeated uniformity is common. Mixing it up was an experiment. I’m happy with the results – especially with the messy & uneven edges!

So my conclusion is simple – buy one :)

written by scootiepye on 2013-08-26 #gear #review #scanner-smartphone-review-test-scootiepye-dianaf

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