Fun Under the Sun: Making It Count While It's Here


Living in Canada, you really make the most of summer because you know that winter is only a few short months away. Last summer I was living out east in Halifax, Nova Scotia and as it rains so much there, even during the summer, whenever there was a special event on, especially on a nice day I made sure to get out an see it, and make sure to capture it with my analogue cameras!

Halifax crafters handmade market was one of the special events that I really enjoyed but as I was on such a tight budget, was happy that I could still look and enjoy a lot of the amazing crafting talent that Halifax has to offer, though my lens. I loved the vintage tones that my Yashica (which I found on a rubbish pile on the side of the road) brought to the redscale film so I used it a lot last summer. The crafters market was actually an indoor event but enjoying the walk there was made all the better by the nice weather!

I worked with one of the volunteers that runs the Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum and when he told me that they were going to be having WWII planes out at one of the smaller strips I was very interested as I knew they would make for some great shots! The sunny summer weather was beautiful and it was great to see some historic machines up close.

Nova Scotia Designers festival was held outside in Victoria Park which is very close to the big Public Gardens and the main shopping district of Spring Garden road. It was a totally different feel to the crafters market and it was really neat to see all the different designs that local designers were making, and again, it was lovely weather. I also loved that as my camera was acting up I got this great multiple exposure.

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