Summer Festivals in Film: My Festival Summer in LC-Wide Overlaps

2013-08-26 1

After not going to any festivals last year, I decided to make this year count and I gotta say, I’m not doing the worst job. Right now we’re smack in the middle of August and I just came back from my seventh festival, and I got two more lined up in the next weeks. So, bruised and sleep deprived, I just got back my negatives from the first part of my festival summer, and I could not have captured this crazy festival haze better than with LC-Wide overlaps…

I had just bought an LC-Wide in the beginning of July and was especially curious about overlapping a bunch of half frame shots. I saw some amazing results in the community using this approach. So, instead of going for a safe test roll or something like that, I loaded up with some Provia 100F, flipped the switch to half frame and started shooting away.

The first festival I covered this way was Extrema Outdoor. It’s this dance festival in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, with a bunch of stages located around the borders of a big lake. Pretty cool location, and with my LC-Wide and my friend’s GoPro camera, we had the ideal combination of analogue and digital. Had an amazing time, with acts like A-Trak, Major Lazer, and Knife Party it’s hard not to have fun. Check out the GoPro movie we made, if that doesn’t get your legs moving, I don’t know what will!

Credits: math0165

One week later, we took off to the Dour Festival, in the French part of Belgium. This was my sixth of seventh time coming here. It’s an amazing festival, and it’s simply impossible to go there without bringing home the craziest stories. You always discover a bunch of new bands, there’s just so much to see and to do. This year the weather was insanely hot, so everyone was running around with water guns, there were big water fights next to every tap, and we even went showering with high pressure hoses in a nearby carwash. Best idea ever, until one of my contact lenses was blown straight out of my eye. That’s what I call a thorough shower! I was even able to recover my lost contact lens, so no harm done, it was amazingly good fun.

Credits: math0165

Another week later, Tomorrowland was up. It’s only edition number nine, but it has gotten crazy popular, with people from all over the world flying over. This was the first time for me, so I was pretty curious and hyped. It’s a dance festival as well, with insane stages, lots of fireworks and special effects, and one of the craziest crowds you’ll ever see. My LC-Wide really came into its element here, the chaotic overlaps reflect my festival experience SO good. The entirety of Tomorrowland was just this haze of one weird encounter after another, so yeah, perfect way to capture it. Every time I look at the photos, I discover something new I hadn’t noticed before, I love it.

Credits: math0165

So long story short, I’m still bruised and sleep deprived, but what an amazing summer, and I could not have had a better companion than my LC-Wide…

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  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Awesome festiphotos. Eventhough I haven't been there, but I really enjoy my fave musician Au Revoir Simone when they're played at Dour Fest 2009

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