Portraits of Innocence: Amelia, my LomoBaby!

2013-08-25 7

I always liked babies. They’re cute, funny and so innocent. Thankfully, photography exists, so you can record every little step they do while they grow. Here’s a little story about the most beautiful baby in the world: My daughter Amelia, the LomoBaby!

Babies are beautiful. So small, lovely, innocent and fragile. You look at them and you think about wonders of life and universe: how a small living being can change your way of living and what you know about anything.

Credits: elkilla

This was something I realised 7 months ago, when my daughter was born. Her name is Amelia Solange. When I held her in my arms for the first time, I couldn’t think of anything else but her. It was a new chapter of my life that began on January 9th, the happiest day of my life.

Credits: elkilla

Being a dad and carrying on with all these new responsibilities are tough. I spent almost 2 months sleeping less than 4 hours a day! I started to lose weight (and hair). However, every morning when I wake up, the first thing I see is her, sleeping on her crib, and all of a sudden my worries are gone. The best thing is: I always have a camera with me, so I can record how she gets bigger and more beautiful every day!

Credits: elkilla

I like to travel with my wife a lot, and having a baby hasn’t stopped us from keep doing it. We have traveled to the beach, mountains, new cities and even new countries. We went to Perú 4 months ago, it was a nice trip. We even went to the Lomography Embassy Store at Lima, Perú!

Credits: elkilla

The best thing about our baby: her smile. The amount of “Awww!” we get every day is impressive. Here’s the reason why:

Credits: elkilla

I remember well how my life was before her, and I can’t think of a new life without Amelia. I hope I can be the best father in the world because she deserves it!

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  1. le_ors
    le_ors ·


  2. naranjita
    naranjita ·

    ¡Qué belleza! :-)

  3. dvzncndo
    dvzncndo ·

    oins-ing all around, vergación :')

  4. gilemilio
    gilemilio ·

    ¡Qué belleza de hermosura! seguramente lo serás. [:

  5. clownshoes
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  6. lynnofthewood
    lynnofthewood ·

    Amelia Solange, we share a birthday! May it always be magically for you as it has been for me.

  7. elkilla
    elkilla ·

    @le_ors @naranjita @dvzncndo @gilemilio :D gracias por pasar, chicuelos
    @clownshoes she is! thanks for your kind comment :)
    @lynnofthewood then it's a double birthday party! I won't forget this lovely coincidence :)

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