Olympus OM-1


Another review about the Olympus OM-1: one of the most influential cameras of our time!

This is a single lens reflex camera that came out in the 70’s. it was hip then, almost 40 years later it still proves to be a great one. A lot of concert photography back then were taken using this, you got Pink Floyd Gigs to Bob Marley’s. Turns out a lot photos i liked through out the ages were taken from this camera. The OM-1 is for someone who loves analogue and wants to learn photography, because its fully manual and it can basically cover any type of photography. Portraits to landscape, Macro to Astrophotography. You can really appreciate the detail and the depth in the photos that come out from this camera; You get total control of the outcome.

Zuiko len’s are my personal favourite for portraits and pictures with great depth of field.by experimenting you can get amazing results with fantastic bokeh. Im still experimenting with this lens and im getting crazy results.
I use the 50mm ƒ1.8. But im desperately looking for the ƒ1.4 for a good price.

It also has vivitar lens made for it. i have the 70-150mm. Photos from it makes the photos a tad more sharper than from the zuiko. I personally like the soft feeling that zuiko len’s has to the background behind the subject.

The OM’s body is small and compact for an slr. The body is real tough and it feels somewhat heavy on your hands. but lighter than the canon a-1. Unlike most slr’s the om series might be a bit different but adaptable in no time. Like the shutter speed control isnt on top of the camera but waay back on the lens mount! and the aperture is at the tip of the lens ( on zuiko lens)
Its also got an inbuilt light meter that tells you the correct exposure even though you have to ignore it in cases of backlighting etc.

From my experience this camera wont let you down, get a used one from ebay while they’re still easy to find. You can expect to find one for not more than $200. I got mine for $125 with 2 lenses You may need to change the light seals but this shouldnt cost you over $10 if you can do it yourself.

I’m still getting used to MF, shutter speed adjustments and all manual exposure control, but hey its my first slr.

written by amaan on 2010-04-02 #gear #review #slr #vivitar #manual-focus #olympus-om-1 #zuiko


  1. lyan
    lyan ·

    #6 looks amazing. my uncle gave me an om-10 with the 50mm f1.4, it truly is an awesome lens.

  2. breakphreak
    breakphreak ·

    hey there :) yep, I have one like this as well - probably it's the right time to review it. by the way, had you found how to make a double exposure there?

  3. tveden
    tveden ·

    Nice shots

  4. carolannc
    carolannc ·

    Just got given one of these from my dad last week and loving the feel of it. It's my first time shooting film so a bit anxious about the results but should be getting a couple of rolls developed this weekend so we shall see how successful (or unsuccessful!) it was!

  5. jibbins
    jibbins ·

    Pretty nifty shots. once I get the funds I wanna get a fully manual slr so this little guy may be a candidate :)

  6. stouf
    stouf ·

    Great job with the depth of field ! @breakphreak: I guess like with any camera: press the rewind button, and crank while holding the rewinding wheel...

  7. feel-together
    feel-together ·

    Love my OM-1 MD w/ Zuiko 50/1.4

  8. amaan
    amaan ·

    Thanks all for your comment and ratings. I had no clue this was up till now.

  9. mygabriela
    mygabriela ·

    i love your shots. i also have olympus om1. my precious om1.

  10. filby
    filby ·

    I was given my mothers OM1 from back in the day last Christmas, too good.

  11. ojjvz
    ojjvz ·

    Awesome shots. I love my OM-10 with 28mm 2,0. Those zuiko lenses are amazing! and the way they focus (with those half circles) is genious.

  12. krisht
    krisht ·

    I've been using the OM-1 since the 70s, and still have one I had since then, although it's been retired as the shutter release is stuck. I've recently replenished my stock with some OM1 and OM2 gear off e-bay, and they are still worth more than my Olympus DSLR, which is only 5 years old, and a whole lot more reliable. Still one of the best 35mm SLRs around.

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