Measuring Macro Distance for LC-A+ Made Easy

2013-08-31 4

I came to borrow a Lomography tunnel vision lens from a friend. It comes with a macro. The problem however, is that I used it with a Lomo LC-A+ so I had no idea if I had the needed distance from my subject to get the right macro focus since you cant see it through the LC-A’s view finder. So I adapted a tip for using macro lens that I learned from my Holga camera.

We will be working on bulb mode. Since LC-A+ has no bulb mode, I covered the light meter of the camera with opaque tape (in this case, I used three layers of masking tape marked with a black pen to make it more opaque but you could use electrical tape or gaffer tape for ease.)

Make sure the camera is not loaded with film, open it and cover the part where the film goes with any translucent paper. Tracing paper, parchment paper, wax paper, hopia paper, onion skin paper or even the good old rolling paper can do the trick. Tape it stretched and still.

We will need a light emitting object. A light bulb works well. Cellphones can work well too. But not candles or anything that would emit too much heat because the camera will be getting very close to it. Put on the macro lens, turn off the room light and turn on your light bulb. With the camera back opened, target the light bulb with your camera and shoot! You should see an inverted image of the light bulb on the paper (too far from the subject and you’ll see bokeh). Now get close to your subject until you get the image as sharp as what you need. Now measure the distance of your subject from your camera and remember it!
Making sure you have remembered the distance, you can now take off the paper and the bulb mode modification from your camera. Load the camera with film and shoot macro!

Upon taking pictures, you can measure your subject just to be sure before you click on the shutter. Be sure that your subject is well lighted as well. Enjoy!

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  1. guitarleo
    guitarleo ·

    Do you mind to share the distance that you get?

  2. merry
    merry ·

    Wow what a great hack!
    thanx for sharing.

  3. merry
    merry ·

    Wow what a great hack!
    thanx for sharing.

  4. bernardjoy-dones
    bernardjoy-dones ·

    thanks for the likes and the comments,
    im not sure if all mass produced LC-A+ would have the same distance as mine. but in any case, i measured approximately 60-70mm from the camera to the light bulb. i suggest you do the measuring on your own because i have personal notes on which part of the camera do i start the measuring. try it then leave a comment if we got the same distance =)

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