Wear Your Analogue Love as Jewelry


Wear your favourite film brands on your wrist or neck, and save the planet by reducing waste. Now that’s what I call a win-win situation.

The key to a perfect outfit is to accessorize. What better way to do so than with a stylish bracelet or necklace sporting your favourite film brands. Fun to make, and gorgeous to wear.

What you’ll need:

  • empty film canisters
  • a bottle opener
  • electricity tape
  • a hammer, a bit of plank and a small nail
  • little metal open rings (I used 7mm rings) – you can get these from a craft store
  • a small metal clasp – from that same craft store
  • a pair of pliers

Start out by saving your empty film cans if you’re a home developer, or asking your lab sweetly for their garbage if you’re not. The more empty film canisters the better, you’ll have plenty of material to work with. Select the cans you want to use. I chose different types of Lomography film for my bracelet. Make sure your cans are all metal, so no paper stickers on it. I tried those, but the results were not very nice. If all your cans have paper on it (these days, most of the Lomo films have), don’t worry. You can always use the bit with the silver squares to create a nice abstract piece.

Now start taking apart the cans: pop the black metal rings off using the bottle opener and straighten the can. Don´t trow out the black rings, you can use those as well.

Cover the bits you want to use with tape. This is to prevent scratching the paint. Now cut out your elements. I made rectangular pieces, making sure to snip off the sharp corners (I don´t want to cut myself with my bracelet). Using the plank, nail and hammer, pierce the bits of metal. Best to do this top down, so the holes will be nice and smooth on the visible side. Give the bit of metal a good whack on the backside to flatten the holes. Check if your holes are still big enough. Remove the tape and admire your work.

While you’re punching holes, pierce a bunch of the black rings on two sides as well, they’ll come in handy, too.

Assembly time! This is the fun bit. Think of a fun design, and chain the different parts together with the rings, using the pliers. Go wild. Use only the colored bits, or only the black rings, or a mixture. Use a few for a bracelet, or a lot for a necklace. End with two little rings on one end, and a ring + clasp on the other end.

Here’s a few things I made:

Four types of Lomography film made a bracelet.
Five black rings and one Fuji-can made another bracelet.
Seventeen black rings made a necklace
Twelve black rings and five of my favourite film brands made another necklace (that looked better on my couch than on my neck, oh well).

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