Summer Hot Spots: Haji Lane, One of its Kind


A place unlike any other, a place worth braving the sun for — especially with your friends and your cameras! Take full advantage of the unique stalls set up here at Haji Lane!

Here in Singapore, we have one season all year round — Summer! Any date of the year is a perfect date to be outdoors and immerse yourselves in the sun — but it does get unbearable in the middle of the year, from May to July.

Credits: syerowoo

The sun gives us Lomographers the perfect excuse to bake ourselves in the sun, despite how hot it may be. One place I enjoy visiting and making full use of the weather is Haji Lane in Singapore! It is fairly simple to get there — its located in the city district and it is only a 5 minute walk away from Bugis MRT Station. When you’re here, it whisks you away from the suburban environment we are all so comfortable and used to. Though it might only be a lane down the road, it is surrounded by shops — from vintage to self-owned to restaurants — and it is very popular among tourists and teenagers!

Credits: syerowoo

On this trip made to Haji Lane, my friends and I did a mini photoshoot! Making full use of the space (we went there around 11AM, when the shops weren’t open yet. They usually open in the afternoon from noon/ 1PM onwards till night time), as well as the bright shining sun, it was really successful and we had tons of fun taking photographs of each other even though it was soooooo hot.

Credits: syerowoo
Shot by a friend, Michelle, with the Fisheye No.2

It was a great experience as we felt like it was a short getaway from all the shopping malls and residential flats surrounding us everyday, to a place where it felt like we weren’t in Singapore. Some place that felt like freedom and joy.

It is definitely a place worth checking out, for both locals and foreigners. The best time would be around 2PM, when the sun is still out for some phototaking, but also when shops are open! These shops here sell a few of the most unique and interesting pieces, it’s worth a look!

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