Lomochrome Purple Review - Who Painted the City Purple?

2013-08-23 1

The long wait was definitely worth it! The brand new film arrived week ago and now after shooting two rolls of it I can give you my opinion.

Credits: jutei

I pre-ordered 5 rolls of 35mm film and now I regret that I didn’t order some more. The sample pictures looked great and so does my results. The package is pretty awful with reflective silver that doesn’t match the purple box. But who cares about packaging when the product inside is awesome.

I’ll start by commenting on the colours. As I was scanning my first film, I was surprised how much blue tones I was getting, then I began to see lots of green. I didn’t see any purple and I thought that my film was broken, but as I continued scanning the purple started to show up. Those three colours together make really fantastic dream like worlds. I noticed that the red colour isn’t affected by this film; it just stays red no matter what. The sharpness of this film is great and I didn’t find it to be grainy. It’s all good!

Credits: jutei

The weird thing was that the colours are pretty different comparing films shot with two different cameras. Film from Diana Mini showed lot less purple than film from Sprocket Rocket. I developed both films in a same batch and scanned with the same scanner so I suspect that it is the lens that makes the difference. I definitely like the colours from the Sprocket Rocket better, those shots are amazing!

Credits: jutei

After 6 months waiting, my expectations were high and the film met them perfectly. I hope that Lomography can make the next batch soon so I’ll be able to get some more of this wonderful film. I’m going to save for something special with my last three rolls.

Credits: jutei

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  1. iamtheju
    iamtheju ·

    Nice article, great photos, I still haven't used any of my LomoChrome Purple as I hadn't chosen which cameras to use.
    But I think it will work really well in the Belomo Agat 18k if the grain is good. It also gets you 72+ photos! Has a much better lens than the Diana mini also.
    P.s. silver packaging... Lomo'CHROME' lol.

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