Lomography Guide to Prague: Eat Like An Italian


I love Italian food, so you can understand that before I recommend you some nice typical Czech restaurants in this series, I’ll first introduce you my all time favourite restaurant which you definitely have to visit during your stay in Prague.

Alforno is a nice Italian restaurant on Petrska Square that is also very close to Namesti Republiky. It is one of those restaurants that does not pretend to be Italian, and yet they have not only a real Italian chef (Matteo Boifava), but also an Italian owner. All I can say is that I am their very, very happy customer.

Well, imagine this. The restaurant is designed and decorated in a way that you will feel like at home. Their pizza is baked in a stone oven and their pasta is home-made, always with delicious sauces or fillings. Moreover, they have a great selection of Italian wine from their own cellar.

Credits: erikagrendel

Funny thing is that you will not find any desserts in their menu — but do not be mistaken. They offer wonderful desserts too, you just need to ask for the dessert menu and wait for what will happen. I won’t tell you more, I will give you just one hint — they like to make from it a bit of show.

Credits: erikagrendel

Lomo on!

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