The Comment Your Caption Rumble: Time to Get Square

2013-08-16 38

We’ve been putting the highlight on the twin-lens beauty that is the Lubitel 166+ this week!

And I know you’ve seen hundreds or maybe thousands of Lubi photos in our Community. I hope you guys are still in for some square format fun because this time we will be creating them comments!

Yes! It’s time for another imagination filled The Comment Your Caption Rumble in which we feature three stunning and let’s not forget popular Lubitel 166+ shots! Game? Let’s do it!

Rumble Details:

  • Below are three Lomographs tagged under ‘Lubitel 166+’, all numbered from 1 to 3. Just comment your most creative caption in the comment box below according to its photo number. Example: 1. Here we go! 2. Ugh, twigs. 3. Fire!
  • Only comments posted in this article will be considered, not the comments on the photo itself.
  • One best comment for every photo will be chosen and will receive 10 Piggies each.
  • Offensive or malicious comments will not be considered and will be reported as spam. Let’s keep this rumble clean and fun!


Credits: jennson


Credits: blackcoffeeandtantrum


Credits: moodification

Ready for your comments! :)

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  1. its_millie
    its_millie ·

    1. i left my heart in the ocean
    2. my thoughts are enveloped in the undergrowth
    3. magic happens at three past nine, analogue time

  2. metobi
    metobi ·

    1. Waterbending 101: The complete guide to controlling the ocean
    2. Trees, trees everywhere!
    3. moodification Skype hoooome

  3. elenya-y
    elenya-y ·

    1 the ocean is were doves fly
    2 nature´s child
    3 analogue framework

  4. rollingstone
    rollingstone ·

    1. hey please see me! i'm alone on this island!

    2. ummm, i'm looking for a hairclip from the branches...

    3. right now i'm opening a gate to a parallel universe. ouuu!

  5. lostlittlekid
    lostlittlekid ·

    1. I would make a joke about the Ocean, but I don’t sea the point.
    2. Tree dweller
    3. Thinking inside the box is not always a bad thing!

  6. yokekei
    yokekei ·

    1. Hello~ blue and clear ocean, I love you~ Please give me a big hug :)
    2. Leave all digital grind behind, I just want to breath with nature today
    3. Uh Ah~ think out of the box, I got an idea for film swap project

  7. syerowoo
    syerowoo ·

    1. i believe i can fly, i believe i can touch the sky
    2. caught between the branches but there's bound to be a way out
    3. think out of the box and light em' up

  8. bluemie5
    bluemie5 ·

    1. This is the way to freedom!!! (The Exodus-Crossing of the Sea)
    2. Uh oh I didnt see the sign.. Keep off the grass!
    3. TIme warping begins now....

  9. marticaste
    marticaste ·

    1. I wish I could have sea wings
    2. I wanna be hugged from nature
    3. wooo,I am in television

  10. flossie_1981
    flossie_1981 ·

    1. Whatever Moses can do...
    2. Where did I leave the car keys?
    3. Look Ma, I'm on TV!

  11. sandravo
    sandravo ·

    1. Looks like I'll need more practice before I'll be able to walk on water.
    2. I better keep very still or I'm going to fall through these skinny branches.
    3. Cutting a hole to see what's on the other side!

  12. tachauch
    tachauch ·

    1. I'm the queen of this Crazy World!
    2.You can Walk on the ground? Pöh! I can Walk on trees!
    3. it's all about the right Frame

  13. walasiteodito
    walasiteodito ·

    1. By the power vested in my, i command thee ocean to freeze!
    2. Oh no! i'm transforming to a tree again.
    3. Hey Tinkerbell! Stop moving please?!

  14. headlock
    headlock ·

    1. The things I do to get a good picture... *sigh*
    2. Check out the twigs on that girl!
    3. This is moodification, live from the LSI studio!

  15. nigelmc1
    nigelmc1 ·

    1. As Dave prepared to enter the water he really wished he'd had the back-wax before going on holiday.
    2.Now she thought about it Jenny understood what people meant about her having stick-thin legs.
    3.This isn't what I meant when I asked for three square meals per day!

  16. rafa-bernd
    rafa-bernd ·

    1. I feel. 2. I am. 3. I know.

  17. rocafish
    rocafish ·

    1.DELICIOUS! i've discovered an ocean of ice cream!
    2.Mother Nature's daughter
    3.This is just an imaginary TV

  18. ohlordy
    ohlordy ·

    1. YES the washing machine works!
    2. i just need to branch out...
    3. hip to be square

  19. an_lai_drew
    an_lai_drew ·

    1. I summon the deepest of my heart.
    2. Try to feel, try to think, when time has come, things will sort themselves up
    3. Be the center of the sparkling ight

  20. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·




  21. aoifeodwyer
    aoifeodwyer ·

    1. Freedom floats from me
    2. I thought I saw her
    3. The magic inside analogue

  22. gr0219
    gr0219 ·

    1. Ocean, meet me half way
    2. Shhh... I'm nesting...
    3. Aahhh!!! Is this why they said not to put a wet finger in there?!?!

  23. neiljaff
    neiljaff ·

    1. Open then seize.
    2. Mother megacosm.
    3. What he conveys, what you see.

  24. tsingtao
    tsingtao ·

    1. Fantasy revealed in reality
    2. Mother nature
    3. On the television?

  25. peruvianfan
    peruvianfan ·

    1.- I wonder how Jesus did split the ocean
    2.-so this is how "going up to heaven" feels like, yippie
    3.- uh-oh I hope I am getting the square perfectly. carefull.. carefull..

  26. lefolle
    lefolle ·

    1."I command thee.." 2."Now where did I put my keys?" 3. "Why think out the box?!?"

  27. myfolkway
    myfolkway ·

    1. Moses, what's your secret ? It does not work at all !!
    2. The Perched Baroness
    3. Today on Ed's TV...

  28. robopete
    robopete ·

    1. Write to me...
    2. I'm sure I left it around here...somewhere?
    3. That is so not what I expected to happen.

  29. anourtneylove
    anourtneylove ·

    1.sea full of liberty
    2. looks in wood
    3. wtf tv

  30. zero_charly
    zero_charly ·

    1. Foam
    2. That girl on the top of the tree
    3. Frame me, my friend

  31. marcoslucero
    marcoslucero ·

    1. If I had to shave I'd better brag about it.
    2. LOL I'm a cat.
    3. My lomography is better than your drugs.

  32. gatokinetik-o
    gatokinetik-o ·

    1. Among the waves
    2. I'm the fool on a tree?
    3. 4th dimension countdown on 3... 2... 1...

  33. fram
    fram ·

    1. freedom
    2. Not if you're the early spring or late autumn
    3. attentive, just a second

  34. retro-girl
    retro-girl ·

    1) I'm not sure this environmentally friendly washing machine idea is going to catch on

    2) This is not what I meant when I said I wanted to be like the supermodel Twiggy

    3) I'm much better than Dr Who - I don't need a sonic screwdriver, I only need my finger

  35. jutei
    jutei ·

    1. "Let there be waves!" - and the waves came.
    2. I can see my house from here!
    3. Now I can see into your living rooms!

  36. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    1. “Under the sea, darling it's better, down where it's wetter, take it from me…”
    2. Now, how am I going to untangle myself…
    3. Always remember kids, think outside the box!

  37. reverte
    reverte ·

    1. When a siren calls to the sea...
    2. When she leaves, nothing will ever be the same.
    3. If you thought Google Glass was something, just wait for Google TV!

  38. kelvinchew
    kelvinchew ·

    1. i'm going back to the ocean be the mermaid queen.
    2. I love natural and fresh air, don't force me back to the city.
    3. Hey, 9.05pm go to sleep, don't play dude.

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